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Enjoy the convenience of working with our mobile car wash despite your busy schedule. This is a special arrangement for you if you own a fleet of vehicles or you do not want to be a centre of attraction as you drive or hang out at a car wash station. Recondition, disinfect and refresh the interior of your vehicle to exhibit a show room look before a sale, soon after a purchase or as part of a quarterly vehicle maintenance.
Schedule a mobile car wash or mobile detail and we will come to you at home or at work. Our crews are flexible and are able to come when it is convenient for you.

Gym/Sports facilities cleaning

Keeping gym or sports centres clean goes beyond just visible cleanliness. With many people touching the same surfaces throughout the day. Your sports centre can easily become an ideal home for bacteria, fungus and germs. Proper fitness centre cleaning requires awareness with an intense focus on disinfection. Having a sanitized workout environment can also improve your membership figures. Our professional sports cleaning service provides customized cleaning plans that not only results in high quality cleaning but also in maintaining a healthy workout environment.

residential cleaning

Yo Cleaning Solutions offers once off or routine property maintenance service to individual property owners or real estate companies. Property owners with maids or unskilled cleaners have to consider hiring Yo Cleaning Solutions professional technicians to perform a periodical thorough cleaning and disinfection of places that are casually left out on daily cleaning routines. These places accumulate dirt which changes the original outlook of the surfaces and becomes a good breeding ground for germs and viruses.
Professional Deep Cleaning:
  • Reconditions and brings out the original look of items which is lost by accumulation of dirt overtime.
  • Reduces the cost of replacing items.
  • Reduces respiratory illnesses associated with dust mites or viruses.
  • Choose our complete cleaning package for a fresh whole home experience.

Health and Medical facilities cleaning

Maintaining a clean environment in a medical facility is a must for a health, safety and comfort of staff and patients. At Yo Cleaning Solutions, we understand the requirements of healthcare cleaning and medical facilities cleaning and work hard to meet those needs. Our staff is specially trained and equipped to handle the special needs of the medical profession. We deliver the service you expect with the integrity you deserve.

factory, complex, office & building cleaning

First impressions at your business premises count and so do second and third impressions and every impression after that. As a result, Yo Cleaning Solutions offers general facilities cleaning and building maintenance services with the goal of helping your business or home make a great impression, every time. We deliver the service you expect with the integrity you deserve.
With people rushing in and out it is difficult to stay well-kept. We can be on site during business hours, in order to maintain a clean and sanitized facility. We provide all floor care services including tile & grout cleaning, stripping & waxing, carpet cleaning and all other specialty floor services
Yo Cleaning Solutions have strict quality control standards and procedures in place to ensure a worry free cleaning experience for our clients. This includes scheduled supervisory/ management visits, customer feedback questionnaires and detailed documentation of the services provided. We are committed to customer service and ensuring that our clients receive the value and quality they expect from a professional cleaning service provider.

fumigation and pest control

We are ready to help you ensure a healthy and pest free environment for your family and staff and to protect your property from gradual damage triggered by pest or rodents infestation. Our fumigation is appropriate when all pest life stages (Eggs, pupae and larvae as well as adults) may be present like in the case of a severe infestation. We ensure dealing with those ‘hard to reach’ areas where pests may be hiding. In order to get the effective results we recommend fumigation first and then a professional deep cleaning of the property.
Our services also include pest control programs for warehouses, industrial plants and telecommunication masts, against flees, bees, mosquitoes, cockroaches, termites, snake repellents, etc. alongside proper routine fumigation of offices, kitchens and living rooms.


When the building is finally built there is much more to do to make a lasting impression. Say hello to a spotless building ready for use! Stop worrying about the dirty, let the professionals do a comprehensive cleaning of your building after renovation or construction whilst your focus on moving in and arrangement of items.

Rope access services

Gutter cleaning

Composting is great but not in your gutter. Blocked gutters can cause serious damage to your property. Do not compromise the structural integrity of your home or property from gutter spillage and leaks. Yo Cleaning Solutions team cleans gutters, bag & haul all debris and rinse the gutter channel. Partner with us in restoring and maintaining the value of your property.

Professional Pressure Washing of Hardscapes:

When your concrete, brick or pavers are too dirty to be properly cleaned with a broom alone such as in the case of oil stains, grease, algae or mold consider our power washing.

With the integrity you have, you deserve the best impression all the time.

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